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The application Link is below.

2019 Northeast 3v3 Festival Application

Facility Waiver

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Field Layout and Rules:


Northeast 3v3 Tournament Rules

Tournament Check-In

Tournament Check-in will be completed 30 minutes prior to the first game kickoff. Any team that does not check-in during the time period may be penalized if:

  • Check-in causes the delay of game upon kickoff, the team will forfeit points for their first game
  • The team does not check in, their points will not be recorded and will receive a forfeit until the team checks in

Check-In Process

  • Each Team has submitted a roster through GotSoccer which has been approved by the Northeast 3v3 Tournament Staff. Please bring a copy of the roster to check-in on the day of the event.  The roster will then be used for check-ins prior to each game. If there are any changes in roster personnel, please contact Sal DiTommaso Jr. at prior to the event. A coach/manager is required to be present at check-in.
  • No team will be allowed to participate until all Northeast 3 v 3 waivers have been uploaded online or presented at check-in
  • The coach/manager will receive a GREEN card to be presented to the referee for each game indicating that waivers have been received and the team is qualified to play
  • All players should be prepared with a Birth Certificate in the event age verification is necessary

Roster/Number of Players

  • Each team will be allowed a roster size of 4-6 players, with 3 players from each team on the field at a time. 
  • No changes or substitutions to rosters after start of team’s first game
  • Players are allowed to play on one team per age division; and may play on multiple teams if not scheduled within the same flight.  Some age groups may be combined.
  • Minimum of 2 players must be on the field at all times
  • Team will forfeit game if at least 2 players are not present at the start of the game.

Player Equipment

Standard soccer equipment according to FIFA guidelines are required. Please see details below:

  • Soccer Cleats or Turf Shoes are permitted
  • Shin guards and socks are mandatory
  • All players on a team must wear the same color
  • Size 5 Soccer Ball- 2005’s & older ; 2006’s and younger- Size 4

Player Brackets & Age Groups

Brackets and age Groups will be determined by the player’s birth year and gender. Separate boys and girls divisions will be established. Players are allowed to play up an age-group, maximum 1 year.

  • Example: A player born in 2010 may play in the 2009 age group

League Games and Playoffs

All registered teams will be guaranteed to play 3 league games. Teams with the highest points in their bracket will play a final championship game; or qualify for a playoff game.

Game Duration

  • Games will be 24 minutes in duration, divided into two 12 minute halves; with a 2 minute halftime; or first team to score 12 goals.
  • Game begins with coin toss to determine possession and direction
  • Clock does not stop during game; with the exception of serious injury
  • Kickoff will begin promptly at the hour and half-hour marks.
  • Teams that do not kickoff on time may have their game length reduced to accommodate for the delay. A tournament official will signal the start to each game with a horn-signal in order to ensure the tournament remains on schedule. Game duration may be affected if teams are not prepared to start on-time. In the event of intentional delay of game, the team may be penalized by the match official and/or tournament management.  
  • Games in Pool Play may end in a tie
  • Playoff and/or Championship games ending in a tie at the end of regulation, will play a 3 minute, Golden Goal overtime, followed by Penalty Kicks, if necessary.  Both circumstances will require a coin toss.

Penalty Kicks

  • The 3 players on the field at the end of the overtime will take Penalty Kicks.  A coin toss will determine order.  The team with the most points at the end of shootout determines the winning team.  In the event of a tie, the same three players, in the same order,  will alternate kicks in Sudden Death to determine the winning team. 
  • Penalty kicks are taken from the midfield line, inside the circle.


Point System

The tournament will follow the 3-1-0 point system; 3 points for a win, 1 for a tie and 0 points for a loss. The top two teams in each bracket with the most points will advance to the Final. In a tiebreaker scenario, the outcome will be determined by a head-to-head to decision, followed by goal differential; goals for; goals against; and Shoot Out, if necessary.

Shoot-Out: 3 players take alternate shots from mid line (penalty kick)

Field Dimensions

The playing field is 25 yds wide x 35 yds long for all ages and divisions. Goals are 4’x6’, with a 5yd GOAL BOX outlined in front.


Since there are no goalkeepers in 3v3 soccer, the GOAL BOX is a designated space where players are not allowed to make contact with the ball. Players may pass through the box, as long as they do not make direct contact with a ball inside the area. If a defensive player makes contact with the ball inside the GOAL BOX, a goal will be awarded to the offensive team. If an offensive player makes contact with the ball inside the GOAL BOX, a goal kick will be awarded. If the ball stops inside the GOAL BOX, a goal kick is awarded to the defending team.  


Any ball that exits the field of play across the sideline will be restarted with an Indirect free kick, and may be passed or dribbled in. If the ball is dribbled in, the player taking the kick is allowed one touch (with the ball making a full rotation) before a defender may take it.

Kick0ffs- are indirect, may go in any direction but MAY NOT start with a dribble

Penalty Kicks and Corners- are direct but MAY NOT start with a dribble

Goalkicks- are indirect, and MAY start with a dribble

*At the taking of any indirect or direct kick, the defensive team must show a designated 5yds of distance before the play will commence.


All substitutions can take place at any dead-ball situation, where the referee must acknowledge the substitution. No on-the-fly subbing!

Goal Scoring

A goal may only be scored in the offensive team’s half. Goals scored on a team’s own half will be disallowed, and restarted with a goal kick for the opposing team.

Caution and Sending Off

Player Cautions: Players that receive two yellow cards in one game will result in a red card. Player is not allowed to play in the next game. Player Ejections (Red Card): Referees have the right to issue a Red Card and eject a player or coach or spectator from the game for continued disobedience or as a result of an incident that warrants sending off. Referees will follow the guidelines for the FIFA Laws of the Game in player caution and ejection decisions.  A coach or spectator ejected will not be allowed to return to the venue.

Additional Rules

Unless otherwise stated, players must abide by the FIFA rules and regulations according to the Laws of the Game. Additional Rules:

  • No Slide tackling

The Tournament Director will make the final decision in the event of a dispute.